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5 Best Food Delivery Apps to Online Food Order in Karachi

Karachi as a city of foodies we are always looking for ways to order an interesting meal and always on the lookout for anything new in town. This has given a boom to the online food delivery business in the country in last 3 to 4 years and taken the food game to a whole new level. Seeing this state of affairs we have compiled a list of the 5 most awesome food delivery portals.

Food Panda:

food panda

I use foodpanda almost on a daily basis and they have never once disappointed. From the furthest restaurants to the closest there is almost no place where Food panda doesn’t strive to deliver. It has taken Pakistani food service game to a whole new level and made other contenders compete for better and better service to their customers making lives of foodies much easier. The next time you get your cravings just give us an order.

h food

Hi food is relatively new name in the business and is quickly expanding due to its timely yet accurate service. One thing that sets this app aside from the rest is that you can actually follow the carrier on the map and know exactly where the person is with your food at present time, which if you’re a frequent user of online apps would know how reassuring it is and helps keep your hunger at bay.

Food Genie:


A target market of 4 main cities Foo genie keeps it controlled and precise and that is there secret to success. Like usual it has all the important features required for the app to be considered a viable alternative. Timely and accurate delivery ensures a great experience and that’s what Food experience is really all about!

Eat Mubarak:


A Pakistani startup targeting all foodies of Pakistan. Who better to know the taste of Karachi than an app developed by its people? It is almost become the best trending website for online food delivery in Karachi in year 2018. We know which places serve the best food and what palace do we here in Pakistan have. We target the finest the city has to offer and provide fresh and on time food at your doorstep.

Super Meal:


Super Meal is an online food delivery app currently active in five major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They are expanding their horizons and may soon be in your city. It is a rapidly growing app that has all ingredients of a great food ordering app.


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