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Sim Sim App – A time saver at the Coke Fest 2018!

Coke Fest 2018 Karachi was all the rage over internet for previous few weeks, celebrating its finale in Karachi, Coke Fest had a lot of amazing things to offer.


Pakistan normally does not experience events like these a lot but once or twice a year for a record. Coke Fest, as the name already suggests, brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm with it. “Khaana, Peena aur Gaana” should be the tagline i believe =D


With a lot lot better arrangement then Khi Eat, the event has a number of things to offer. The food was amazing(Karachi ka khana hai, acha tou hoga he!), Better sitting arrangement and music ofcourse! Atif tou nahe tha, leken strings zarur tha! And then performing right 2 weeks before their new song launch was a smart idea to get back awam to the strings era another time!

All of this and lot more, BUT this SIM SIM app caught my attention at once!

With offering “Barqi Ghubara and 440 Volts” Sim Sim offered a lot of discounts and was quite quite easy to use. Bas cash top up krao aur phir uratay jao!! So yes we entered the fest through Sim Sim, got the top up done and then payed across eatries paying via scanning the code for all the yummylicious khana.


Sim Sim is good for all those people who just like me don’t like carrying a lot of cash to these public places. Also it’s kind of your account in mobile from where you can also transfer cash to another person. You just have to install the app using your valid CNIC and you are good to go!

The bestest part was when people were looking at us herat say while we were enjoying scanning the BR codes and paying the amount, also it doesn’t took too long to respond. Also you don’t have to stand in queues for ticket and food because Sim Sim Haina!!

Sim Sim, an online mobile bank is your solution to the digital payments. Am surely gonna use this app again and enjoy my paisa in mobile and you should all too!!

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Interieur 360 – a complete solution for your comfortable lifestyle!

Being a person who is very concerned about the interior of the house, its decor, furniture and every other related thing, whatever i choose for my house has to be top class and out-of-the-box.

When talking about home decor, this recently launched furniture store known as Interieur 360 is what i have my eyes on. Located at Khayaban e Ittehad, the store was launched by one of the acclaimed and beloved actors of the industry Faysal Qurashi in a meet and greet session.

The store has all what one would look for for the decor of their homes. From niche side table pieces to the extravagant and luxurious looking sofa sets. From the vintage candle stands to center tables and everything that just looks so appealing to eyes.

The ceremony began with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the very loved Faysal accompanied by the owner and fellow members followed by a heart warming Hi-tea organized for the attendees.

Faysal also announced a bigger store opening too.

With this store launch, we wish Interieur 360 all the very best.

Here’s a glimpse of what all happened at the store: Interieur 360 launch sneak peek!

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Meraki is your one stop solution to clothing, makeup and accessories!

Big earrings, statement sleeves and one-shoulder tops were a thing for the year 2017 and are still seen here and there, but fashion changes with every season and every year brings with it new fusions and trends.


We being the trendiest and coolest generation of now want to look stylish every single day and that too not in very expensive rates as most of the people cannot afford that. We need to look out for a brand or shop which offers the trendiest design in reasonable price and that too with good material. I, being a fashion freak was in search of such brand.



And my search ended on this really cool brand named Meraki. So what’s special about this brand is that not only they offer amazing line up of clothing which includes tops, shorts, pants and trousers and that too in a very reasonable price but also they offer nursing/maternity clothing, isn’t that convenient? Also all the clothing material is genuine and imported from abroad.


Also you’ll find all the top makeup brands at their store and you don’t need any other place right? So Meraki is your and your little one’s one stop solution to clothes, accessories and make up! What else do you need?




So Girls grab the most stylish outfit from Meraki located at Khayaban e Nishat right now and make every event special.

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Will Arooba Mirza be able to snatch back her rightful   “Haq” from Madiha Iftikhar? Watch Geo TV’s new drama serial MERA HAQ to find out !!

Madiha Ifitkhar is all set to make a comeback in Geo TV’s new venture Mera Haq. Directed by Fahad Rehmani, penned Asif by Asad and produced by the renowned Erum Bint e Shahid. The story seems to be promising as it is grounded on the tantalizing theme of sister rivalry. There’s greed, there’s an intense desire for power and wealth. These notions, if common between biological relatives can have ugly ends and this notion of jealousy between two sisters is so common in our society it has destroyed the lives of many.  The elder sister, Sara (MadihaIftikhar) , gets divorced and shifts back to her parents’ house with her seven year old. The unfortunate series of events in Sara’s life have an adverse effect on her personality causing her to become bitter, resentful and extremely resentful of her younger Saba (AroobaMirza) who happens to be quite the contrary. Saba is inherently warm, affectionate and considerate towards the struggles of those around her.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 6.33.09 PM

The story gains momentum when their paternal cousins, Ali (Bilal Qureshi) and Umair( Shamyl Khan) come back from US. Ali and Saba develop a love interest in each other and plan to get married but Sara becomes extremely aggrieved about their blooming relationship, out of her insecurities and stoops to the lowest level of wanting to jeopardize her sister’s relationship. Conniving Sara plots and charms Ali into falling for her and successfully convinces him to marry her instead of Saba.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 6.33.10 PM

I think a lot of women out there can relate to the intense pain Saba goes through when her sister destroys her life out of mere insecurities and it will be interesting for me to watch whether this situation hardens Saba and if it will force her to seek revenge from her sister or will she manage to overlook this unpardonable sin committed by her jealous sister. Well I wish for the latter to happen. What do you have to say?

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 6.33.10 PM (1)


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UMM-E-HANIYA – We pledge to be intolerant towards bashing female sports players !!

FINALLY! A drama that does not depict the tragic sob story of a girl dependent on someone else to be her savior or cocoon. Geo’s new drama serial Umm-e-Haniya is expected to receive a phenomenal response especially from female viewers owing to its most unique genre. What sets this drama class apart is that it centers on the life of a girl thriving to be a female cricketer, encapsulating the course of life of a dreamer and a woman with a fierce compassion.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-23 at 4.09.39 PM

While our female cricketers stay undermined and the public still unpleasantly chants “Females cannot play cricket”, the makers of Umm-e-Haniya have invested in showing all the struggles a girl faces journeying through her formation of a cricketer and have given us innumerate reasons to appreciate them. In fact, it’s about time we become intolerant towards those who post ridiculous remarks about female sports players on social media in an attempt to discredit their efforts.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-23 at 4.09.40 PM
This drama does not only cover one aspect of how strong and rebellious a woman is capable of being.  Umm-e-Haniya , played by our ever feisty , bold and beautiful NeelumMunir,  chooses to fight another battle against social norms and boundaries when she chooses to rescue a lost new born baby. The drama has not been aired yet but from the sneak peeks of the trailer it seems to show how if a woman intends, can she stubbornly refuse to fit into social norms and march to the beat of her own drums.
Will Umm-e-Haniya surpass all boundaries of notoriety? Will she eventually succumb to the pressure of friends and family? Will she provide this lost baby and secure future at the cost of her own dignity in the society? Well we will find out only when the drama hits our television screens but till then “All hail female sports players out there” !!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-23 at 4.09.41 PM

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Lux White Elegant Gardenia

The three Lux variants are represented by: Maya Ali for the White Elegant Gardenia, Mahira Khan for the Red Hypnotic Roseand MawraHocane for the Pink Charming Magnolia. This blog will be covering the benefits of the White Elegant Gardenia that is represented by Maya Ali.

Symbolizing love, harmony and grace, Elegant Gardenia, the white variant of Lux comes from the flower Gardenia. The plant is a beautiful decorative shrub with fragrant white flowers. The enchanting notes of Japanese Gardenia with the warmth and depth of Cedar Wood Oil is a captivating fragrance. Found in the far east, mainly India and China, Elegant Gardenia is a classic version of the namesake flower which is a perennial favourite especially in the summer. With its sweet smell, the flower is seductive and irresistible and the heady fragrance is enhanced with violet and freesia. The cultural association of Gardenia with upper class French man, as a corset to their attire, was to symbolize prestige. Lux’s connection with the fragrance is also to provide one a royal premium experience by capturing the fragrant essence of the perfume into a soap bar to provide one a truly long-lasting scent.

It was a delight to see the traditional Maya Ali representing the white variant. Moving away from her iconic look, Maya looked like a pure beauty dressed in white. Representing her fragrance, Elegant Gardenia, Maya sparkled in a white dress and shiny gems which complimented her as she strode like a royal. Maya says nobody would remember how bright her diamonds shone but would remember her expressions; which are as strong as the fragrance of Gardenia which stays with your skin after a shower with Lux.



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Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat’s next flick is a romantic saga!

Fahad Mustafa the “Dhaggi tikki guy” who always comes to your rescue with “Main Kehta Hoon Sochlo” is quite popular among adults and kids both. He has become a household name for all of this. The very talented star is coming up with 2 new movies “Load Marriage” and “JPNA2” on Eid ul Azhar 2018 and we are intrigued.

#JeetoPakistan #ARYDIGITAL Pc: @omarsa33d

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The actor in law couple is coming back to give us a good screen time this Eid ul Azha with “Load marriage”. As the name suggests the storyline would be sure of a romantic love saga ending up with marriage towards the end and how this becomes the “Load Marriage” is the question to be revealed.

The duo Nabeel and Fizza adores these two and so do we hence the reason why we never asked them why Fahad and Mehwish again!We have these 2 spreading the magic before also and this time the hopes are way higher than before.

The director and actor announced the news on their social accounts and we are more than excited!



Being Nabeel and Fizza’s fourth venture, we wish the teams all the very best for a upcoming year of Pakistani cinema.


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A-Plus one of Pakistan’s most innovative TV channels continues its commitment to introducing new talent and delving into important themes and issues that affect society with its upcoming TV serial BOHTAN.


Starring Sanam Chaudhry renowned for her drama serial Aasmanon Pay Likha (2013) and her nomination at the 3rd Hum Awards in the Best Soap Actress category for her role in Bhool and,veteran actor Abid Ali ( Waris; Diyar-e-Dil; Kuch Naa Kaho; Naagin etc) Bohtan also introduces fledgling actor Arsalan Faisal  (son of senior actress Saba Faisal ) who makes his television debut with the serial.

Written by stellar storyteller Rukhsana Nigar and directed by accomplished director Shaquielle Khan, Bohtan touches upon the sensitive and divisive topic of how daughters are seen as unlucky additions and a burden in lower-income families and how one girl ? (Sanam Chaudhry) skillfully survives in such a hostile environment.

Bohtan debuts and airs on A-PLUS on Sunday,December 10, 2017 at 8 pm.

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What are these twins Hammad and Faraz upto ??

Not too long ago, two of these talented and very handsome twins Hammad and Faraz Farooqui entered the entertainment industry making sure to take it by a storm with their talent.

Hammad can be seen in “Gumrah” on Hum Tv these days playing the role of “Aaliyian” the innocent guy who is in love with Huma, while Faraz can be seen in “Malkin” on Geo , also he is all set for his upcoming serial “Bewafa” with Faisal Qureshi.

If I talk about the identical twins these two are the perfect example of it. It would be really difficult to remember  who is Hammad and who is Faraz if I see them together .

Hammad, won an award for the best actor soap for “Haya Ka Daman” and I am sure that he’ll be getting more in future too!

These shades are killing me!!

Handsomeness ki inteha!! MashaAllah!


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My My! RJ ??

#jazzyshow #lahoredairies #radiotime thanks for the great time @drejazwaris

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Can you make a guess ? =D

#eidmubarak 😊

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Eager to know more about them I sneaked into their Insta accounts and found something really interesting. It seems to be a bts from any of their upcoming shoot, drama, film or may be a video song ? That needs to be find out! But whatever it is, it will be a lot of fun to watch them together on screen for the first time.

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@hammad_farooqui01 and @faraz.farooqui in the house fun is un-limited

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Stay tuned as I bring you more such news exclusively!

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Lux red Hypnotic Rose

This year’s range of Lux soaps encapsulates distinct fragrances through the essence of various flowers. Each soap is associated with a Lux girl which gives off a sense of glamour and beauty. The three Lux variants are represented by: Mahira Khan for the Red Hypnotic Rose, Mawra Hocane for the Pink Charming Magnolia and Maya Ali for the White Elegant Gardenia. This blog will be covering the benefits of the red Hypnotic Rose that is represented by Mahira Khan.

The Hypnotic Rose has a rich scent of musk vanilla mixed with fresh red roses to give your skina smooth and silky texture. This variant is a must have for those with dry and flaky skin as it will enhance the radiance of your skin. Apart from this the red variant is a must have for winters as it will provide your skinthe right amount of moisture. Combined with essential perfumed oils for a long-lasting scent, the natural oils from this variant will moisturize your skin from deep within and give you that perfect glow. The variant is composed of sandalwood and ambergris, elements that are the prime reason behind the soap’s lifelong fragrance.

You would be surprised to know that the three Lux girls were not picked at random; there was a logical thought process for the selection of the stars behind the variants. Mahira Khan was chosen for the Hypnotic Rose variant because of her hypnotizing aura on her fans, and particularly the people of Pakistan. She is no longer seen as the simple girl next door – instead she has recently been noted for her bold and energetic personality. Pakistan’s most liked female celebrity Mahira Khan has the perfect qualities and persona to represent Lux’s red Hypnotic Rose.