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What are these twins Hammad and Faraz upto ??

Not too long ago, two of these talented and very handsome twins Hammad and Faraz Farooqui entered the entertainment industry making sure to take it by a storm with their talent.

Hammad can be seen in “Gumrah” on Hum Tv these days playing the role of “Aaliyian” the innocent guy who is in love with Huma, while Faraz can be seen in “Malkin” on Geo , also he is all set for his upcoming serial “Bewafa” with Faisal Qureshi.

If I talk about the identical twins these two are the perfect example of it. It would be really difficult to remember  who is Hammad and who is Faraz if I see them together .

Hammad, won an award for the best actor soap for “Haya Ka Daman” and I am sure that he’ll be getting more in future too!

These shades are killing me!!

Handsomeness ki inteha!! MashaAllah!


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My My! RJ ??

#jazzyshow #lahoredairies #radiotime thanks for the great time @drejazwaris

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Can you make a guess ? =D

#eidmubarak 😊

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Eager to know more about them I sneaked into their Insta accounts and found something really interesting. It seems to be a bts from any of their upcoming shoot, drama, film or may be a video song ? That needs to be find out! But whatever it is, it will be a lot of fun to watch them together on screen for the first time.

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@hammad_farooqui01 and @faraz.farooqui in the house fun is un-limited

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Stay tuned as I bring you more such news exclusively!

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Pond’s Miracle Journey concludes two day workshop to mentor young women across Pakistan!

Karachi, October 17, 2017: Pond’s, a leading skincare brand, known for the “Pond’s Miracle Journey” formerly underwent an exclusive meet-and-greet on the 17th of November 2017, premised at Movenpick Hotel in Karachi.


Over a span of three years, the Pond’s Miracle Journey has celebrated over 300 women in the fields of health, social activism, entrepreneurship, beauty, professional training and education. These women achieved exemplary success and displayed openness and leadership skills: whilst defying society and all odds. This year Pond’s Miracle Journey aims to leverage the strength of the past honorees to enable the younger girls via a Mentorship program which allows one-on-one interaction between the younger mentees and industry leading women. The Pond’s Miracle Journey Mentorship Programme is designed for women to turn struggles into success; develop work-life balance and learn from some of Pakistan’s trailblazing women.


“Pond’s Miracle Journey has honored Pakistan’s most pioneering women for the last 3 years, and we’re thrilled to build on that history by giving our audience of young women a chance to hear directly from our miracle women through these workshop and college sessions,” said Samir Sultan, Senior Brand Manager Skincare Unilever Pakistan.”

“PMJ believes that with the right guidance, advice and support, the movement can be a possible leaf turner for the next generation; a dream inscribed into reality.”

As a first step, 30 candidates were selected out of the 2000 applicants and shortlisted as follows: 10 in Entrepreneurship, 5 in Health, 5 in Social Activism, 5 in Beauty and 5 in Education. The mentors included Vaneeza Ahmad, Model and Entrepreneur of Vlawn; Nilofer Saeed, owner of Ne’cos and Hobnob; Saima Saeed, owner of Sam’s Kitchen; Nazli Akbar fashion designer; Lubna Shahzad, owner of Rain Tree Spa; Hiba Masood from Drama Mama; Afreen Shiraz, owner of Ellemint Spa & Salon; HumairaBachal, an activist; Sadia Sheikh, coach for Diya Women’s Football club; AneelaDarbar, assistant professor of Neurosurgery at AKUH; Dr. FehmidaArif, a dermatologist and Farhat Rasheed, president of Show You Care. The main focus was to transfer knowledge and expertise from the experienced, working women to the novice professional in a 2 day workshop held at Movenpick.


“The second phase of PMJ is definitely a better phase for me because I am giving back. These girls with dreams and aspirations are getting the right kind of guidance from an early stage and honestly this is something that I wish I had in my life when I was younger because with this guidance you’re bringing forth so many more career-driven women. Hats off to Pond’s for making this happen,” said former model and now entrepreneur, Vaneeza Ahmad during her mentoring session.


“Considering we don’t really have proper career counselling available at universities, this is why such promising initiatives are exactly what young girls entering into the work field require. I for one, feel great to be a part of this empowering movement,” said Nilofer Saeed, the owner of Ne’cos and Hobnob during her mentoring session.


As the Journey enters its fourth year, the vision has definitely widened. Women are taught a reliance upon the self via interpersonal skills that help them attain professional gains. These include packages such as college and mentor sessions, training modules and workshops. The talks and workshops will soon be available online.

Join in on the social media buzz: #PMJ2017

For more information about Pond’s Miracle Journey 2017 visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pondspakistan/
: https://www.instagram.com/pondspk/?hl=en


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Lux red Hypnotic Rose

This year’s range of Lux soaps encapsulates distinct fragrances through the essence of various flowers. Each soap is associated with a Lux girl which gives off a sense of glamour and beauty. The three Lux variants are represented by: Mahira Khan for the Red Hypnotic Rose, Mawra Hocane for the Pink Charming Magnolia and Maya Ali for the White Elegant Gardenia. This blog will be covering the benefits of the red Hypnotic Rose that is represented by Mahira Khan.

The Hypnotic Rose has a rich scent of musk vanilla mixed with fresh red roses to give your skina smooth and silky texture. This variant is a must have for those with dry and flaky skin as it will enhance the radiance of your skin. Apart from this the red variant is a must have for winters as it will provide your skinthe right amount of moisture. Combined with essential perfumed oils for a long-lasting scent, the natural oils from this variant will moisturize your skin from deep within and give you that perfect glow. The variant is composed of sandalwood and ambergris, elements that are the prime reason behind the soap’s lifelong fragrance.

You would be surprised to know that the three Lux girls were not picked at random; there was a logical thought process for the selection of the stars behind the variants. Mahira Khan was chosen for the Hypnotic Rose variant because of her hypnotizing aura on her fans, and particularly the people of Pakistan. She is no longer seen as the simple girl next door – instead she has recently been noted for her bold and energetic personality. Pakistan’s most liked female celebrity Mahira Khan has the perfect qualities and persona to represent Lux’s red Hypnotic Rose.


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Miss Veet Pakistan Reveals Top Twelve Finalists For 2017

Karachi: Saturday, 11th November, 2017– The Big Reveal of the final Miss Veet Pakistan contestants of the year was a glamorous evening soiree at the lush green lawns of happening Café Ambrosia. Media personnel and well-known celebrities milled around the new Miss Veet girls, anticipating the reveal of the twelve finalists of Pakistan’s most famous reality show.The annual reality show, upholds the values of the Veet Academy and serves as a grooming platform for young girls all over the country.

The winning finalists were, Fakiha Ahmed, Kanza Khan, Mariam Sheikh, Misbah Baloch (Karachi). Other selected finalists included, Aiman Shoukat, Hira Khan, Isma Aslam and Nafia Sahar (Lahore) and Komal Sajid, Saira Abid, Tayyaba Riaz and Nimra Khan (Islamabad).


Sidra Iqbal, the Communications Mentor of the Veet Academy opened the show, talking about Miss Veet Pakistan being an initiative taken to fulfill Veet Academy’s aim of grooming over a million girls. She explained, “Veet Academy is a platform that grooms young girls on the basis of the five Veet Academy values; charm, confidence, intelligence, health & fitness, communication with inspirational women being the representative of each value.” Hence, Mussarat Misbah is a mentor for charm while Sarwat Gilani signifies confidence. Other mentors include Aamina Sheikh for intelligence, Hareem Farooq for health and fitness and Sidra Iqbal for communication skills.

Fahad Ashraf, the Marketing Director of Reckitt Benckiser, Pakistan gave a precise introduction to the Veet Academy. “Veet Academy aims to reach out to girls in Pakistan who are passionately feminine, young and want to stay ahead in life, whether that’s in how they look, their social circle or their career. Miss Veet Pakistan is just one of the steps we have taken to fulfill this goal, besides which, there are online courses which are accessible to all and regular school visits through which they are taught about basic grooming.”


An interactive rapid fire session with this year’s judges, Adnan Siddiqui, Hareem Farooq and Aamina Sheikh gave the audience a quick laugh and set the tone for the event. Hareem Farooq, who enthralled the audience with her quick repartee, stated, “Being on the Veet show this year has been a great experience for me. Since I’m not only the fitness mentor for Veet Academy but one of the Miss Veet ’17 judges, it feels great to be a role model for young girls who I will continue to guide throughout the Miss Veet journey.”




Zainab Raja, the winner of last year’s Miss Veet Pakistan, shared her thoughts about how Miss Veet changed her life and was vocal in passing on her experiential advice to all contestants. The director of the reality show TV episodes and the song director of Miss Veet Pakistan ’17, Sohail Javed, also spoke of his first stint as a Miss Veet director, describing his experience with the contestants and the show so far.



As the evening came to a close, the stirring Miss Veet ’17 song was disclosed, after which the identity of the twelve Miss Veet ’17 contestants was finally revealed. Sidra Iqbal called out to each of the girls as they stepped into the limelight one by one. This led to a quick discussion about Miss Veet between Sidra Iqbal and the contestants, which highlighted that the twelve finalists were carefully selected to correspond with all of the five Veet Academy values, that were initially mentioned by Sidra Iqbal. An exciting ‘Never Have I Ever’ game was also played with the girls where each of them held a card and gave answers to fun questions like, ‘Never have I ever dyed my hair a crazy color.’ This gave the attendees a chance to get to know the amusing side of each girl, which was something apart from the basic questions being asked.

The evening came to end as key media personnel and the contestants were seen mingling with each other. The newly crowned Miss Veet ’17 contestants were the stars of the evening as they interacted with the show director and judges Adnan Siddiqui, Hareem Farooq, Aamina Sheikh and Sidra Iqbal. The months of hard work for the auditions and then the final selection led them to their current status as the twelve Miss Veet Finalists and they basked in the glory and adulation that was theirs for the taking. The ultimate prize however, the one title that they all will strive towards will be that of Miss Veet Pakistan for the year 2017, can only belong to one of them. To follow the winner, watch Miss Veet Pakistan every Saturday at 07:30 P.M. on HumTV.

Miss Veet Contestants Wore: Jasper Conran, Star by Julian MacDonald and Quiz all available at Debenhams Pakistan.

Aamina Sheikh, Sidra Iqbal and Zainab Raja Wore: Shamaeel Ansari

Event Design: Reactivate

Hair and Make-up: Zaira’s Salon

Food Partner: Ambrosia

Join in on the social media buzz: #MissVeet2017


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeetPakistan/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH_zLJAfiJilm_VfE1QPdSw



Mortein Partners with KPK Government to Fight Dengue & Chikungunya!

KARACHI: Reckitt Benckiser (RB), makers of Mortein, partnered with the Ministry of Health, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) to increase mass awareness on how to fight mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and chikungunya after the recent outbreak in Peshawar.  The two organizations collaborated to educate masses on how to reduce these diseases from their source and what are the necessary precautions one must take to prevent them.

Dengue and chikungunya are both debilitating mosquito-borne diseases caused by closely related mosquito species. Due to the alarmingly high incidences in the country over the last few years especially this year where the number of people infected crossed over 5000 in just KPK, it is extremely important to take immediate steps to stop these mosquito-borne diseases from happening.


The partnership between RB and the Ministry aimed to create public attention towards such mosquito-borne diseases and what could be done to prevent them. Thousands of catchy awareness posters were put behind rikshaw vehicles educating masses about the small steps they can take to reduce dengue and chikungunya. These steps were also distributed door-to-door in the form of pamphlets to thousands of households across Peshawar. The consistent message throughout was to demonstrate basic precautionary actions to help prevent dengue which include: 1) Ensuring drinking water is covered and there is no clean water standing outside houses 2) Maintaining cleanliness inside and outside your house 3) Wearing fully covered clothes to prevent mosquito bites and 4) Using good quality pest control products.


Fahad Ashraf, Marketing Director of RB Pakistan, stated about the partnership, “This collaboration between RB and the KPK Government is yet another testament of our pledge for a healthier and cleaner Pakistan as part of our national campaign “Hoga Saaf Pakistan”. Through this specific initiative under Mortein, the idea is to make people aware that they can themselves ensure a healthier, mosquito-free and disease-free environment by adopting small steps for themselves and those around them.”


CFA Society awards Reckitt Benckiser for the ‘Best Gender Practices


KARACHI: Reckitt Benckiser’s ‘DARE’ platform with its powerful gender diversity and women empowerment initiatives,led it to winning the ‘Best Gender Practices’ award,at the CFA Society’s 14th annual ceremony on August 30th at Pearl Continental, Karachi. ‘DARE’ is definitely a winner as it focuseson various purpose driven themes that aim to transformwomen into more daring individuals byempowering them through both external and internal organisational practices.

With a vision to achieve that, RB Pakistan launched ‘DARE’ as a platform to Develop, Attract, Retain and Engage talented women. As part of the internal empowerment series, ‘lean in’ circles were introduced, revolving around key themes such as, Not Afraid, Breaking Stereotypes, Sexual Harassment Training, Bold for Change and Lean In Together – the ‘He for She’ Campaign.  These Lean in circles served as a networking opportunity for women with the purpose to support each other and learn from one another. With each lean in circle having a different take on things, this exercise proved to be a rather innovative and interesting one asin some cases, especially for lean in together, ‘He-She’ campaign – where females dared their male colleagues to perform the actions that were generally considered stereotypical for women to do. Hence creating awareness among men about the dual careers that women have to manage and the things they take for granted.

Along with this, RB also launched a mentorship program that focused upon women in senior positions supporting talented women to overcome hurdles to progress.The themes for mentoring meetings involved having powerful conversations, networking, balancing responsibilities, dealing with changed perception, dual careers, work-life balance, child care, building relationships with key people and many more, making it easier for women to be better equipped with what’s expected of them. To ensure that women feel welcomed and not out of place after coming back from long maternity leaves, part of this program was also having policies that help these women get back in the game and allow them to occasionally work from home so they can balance work and home, in a manner most suitable for them.

Last but certainly not the least, under the DARE umbrella, DARE Academy was also launched,a platform that expands the folds of DARE to the external community by targeting young girls who are talented and ambitious but lack the opportunities to grow.

DARE is a Reckitt Benckiser initiative to encourage more and more women to step into the workforce and by getting recognized on many platforms, it can serve as a best practice for many organizations to follow.



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IPPA Awards 2017 London was a star studded affair !

International Pakistan Pretige Awards IPPA 2017 was a star galore at London’s Hilton, with those dapper looks the men were seen in black and our very talented female artists took the event by storm flaunting their white gowns from the red carpet to the ceremony. IPPA is the first ever award ceremony to acknowledge Pakistan’s Film, Music, TV, Fashion and the Sports industry.

IPPA 2017 brought the bigwigs of our entertainment industry under one roof for the first ever IPPA Awards and how can we not expect it to be grand one, the ceremony was opened by Yasir Hussain and Adnan Siddiqui and the duo totally nailed it.

The event then progressed with the awards and some power packed performances to watch out for.

Let’s have a look at the winners for the evening :

Best Model 

Neha Ahmed has already stole our hearts for her amazing work hence the much deserved award for best model .

Best Designer Couture 

Faraz Manan bagged the award for best designer couture and we are already impressed with his alluring couture collections, from dull to bright, he has it all.

Best Designer Lawn 

Perfect combination of colors and exquisite embroideries are what Asim Jofa is known for, the designer won the award for best designer lawn and we are not surprised.

Best Supporting Actor 

We use to hate Mikaeil for what he does to Mannu, but Gohar you surely deserve this boy!

Best Actress 

Aisha khan’s fans hold your heart as she brings home the best actress award for Noor e Zindagi !

Best Actor 

Ahsan Khan has all our heart for this one, this is surely a win win for you!

Best Director 

It wasn’t possible without this Man’s enthusiasm and hardwork, Ehtishamuddin won best director for Udaari, (Our favourite ).

Best Drama 

Udari with its strong storyline, concept and never forgetting OST wins best drama. Bagging 4 awards altogether this seems to be the year for Udaari!

Style Icon Male 

The man who steals the show everythime with his simple yet stylish looks, our heart is for you ! Congrats on winning this one Hamza, much deserved.

Style Icon Female

From bold colors to pastels, she rock every look as recently seen in Pepsi Battle of the bands ! Style icon female goes to Ayesha Omer.

Bae looks a stunner at the #ippa awards 😘😘😘 @ayesha.m.omar

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Star Of The Year Male 

The Dillagi star Humayun Saeed won the star of the year male and we are so excited !

Star Of The Year Female

The Lux girl Mawra bagged star of the year female.

Jodi Award – Drama 

Giving us couple goals everytime, this DUO wins for their onscreen chemistry in Udaari. and just how beautiful these love birds are looking ! ❤

Outstanding achievement by a pakistani actor on a global platform – Male

Adnan Siddiqui has got us amazed with his flute playing skills and now winning an outstanding achievement award is surely another success for him. From acting to his flute playing and singing skills are to die for

Outstanding achievment by a pakistani actor on a global platform – Female 

Be it B-town or our own cinema, Humaima steals the show everytime.

Lifetime achievement legend award

Sheikh Sahab has always been our inspiration and this award is a token of appreciation for him for what he has given to our industry till date.

Best singer 

Rahat’s voice always haunt us with it’s beauty, he knows how to keep the sur game strong.

Best Actor – Film 

Dialogues delivery to a sea of emotions, Fahad raise the actor’s bar with is amazing acting in Actor in Law.

Best Actress – Film 

With Mehwish million dollar smile we love her for what ever she does, est actress film goes to this gorgeous lady.

Best film – Actor in law

The duo, Nabeel and Fizza knows how to keep their audience hooked and they proved it with the successful Actor in Law, congrats to both of you ! The film receives 5 awards in each of the film category .

Jodi Award – Film 

The cutest on screen couple won it for their much loved ‘Janaan’ and we are eager to see them working together on the screen again.



 Best jeweler of the year – Afzal jewelers

Best jeweler of the year was awarded to the Afzal Jewellers.

Best cinema –Nueplex

Nueplex was selected as the best cinema so far.

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Battle Of The Bands – Beginning of a new musical era!

Bringing back good music to the country, Pepsi Battle of the bands kick started on 30th July and with the very first trailer it gave us goosebumps featuring Atif, Fawad and Meesha in it. This is so far the best judges pannel and we just loved how they encouraged the bands at every point !

With this BOB returned to the world of music after 15 years and not only this, it also marked Fawad’s comeback to the music industry, how can we ever forget EP and the boys.

With all the good luck to KASHMIR winning the battle, BOB has now left us with a few things worth mentioning :

  • KASHMIR – The Winner ! 

It’s now time for the start of another musical era in Pakistan, BOB is the platform which brought FAWAD and AAROH to us and surprised us one after the other. Kashmir, being the most deserved has been judges favourite from the start and ours too ! We still remember how Fawad called Vais and ‘Rockstar’ and he surely is !

Aaroh being BOB 2002 winner gave us alot of good music, from Yaara to Raag Neela, each one of their composition was worth listening !

We are expecting the same from KASHMIR, we loved ‘Budha Baba’ and eager to hear more from you guys soon !


  • EP and AAROH !

We saw our favourite bands performing yet again and they just nailed it. Hamesha and Na Kaho always gives us nostalgia. performances by these were a musical ride for out lifetime and we just can’t stop listening to these now !

A good sign for both the bands indeed which may result in their comeback into the industry again!



  • Much needed Platform :

So to all those who were comparing Coke Studio and Battle of the bands. Guys ! the concepts are totally different and we now finally have a platform for new bands which is free from any kind of Parchi system ! Where just the talent plays and nothing else ! This was the high time, the almost dying band culture is just revived and we are loving this with a capital L !

  • Quality Music :

We finally get to hear some new music, besides the top 2 there was alot more to discover, Madlock, Roots, Darvesh all these bands have made their mark into the music industry and in hearts of people already and no one can now stop them from playing their music .

With the cinema revival on its peak, BOB was much needed !

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Sunsilk Conditioners Provide the Perfect Solution to Tame and Smoothen Unruly Tresses!

KARACHI: Sunsilk, the global hair care brand, brings to the Pakistan market a range of glossy conditioners to nourish all hair types and to give the consumer a best in class hair wash experience. Conditioners are known to nourish and protect, style and smoothen frizzy, unruly hair and the Sunsilk Conditioner range focuses on highlighting the many benefits of silky smooth hair.

The main message is the need to condition unruly hair and therefore conditioners need to be used in conjunction with shampoo. #shampooaloneisnotenough was launched with a fun event held at the recently opened, luxury boutique salon, Bellagio by Sadaf on Saturday, September 9th. Prominent media members including stylists, fashion bloggers and other key influencers attended this event.

The charismatic, Anoushey Ashraf hosted the event, keeping the audience’s energy alive throughout. The event started off with an informative session on the functionality of Sunsilk Conditioners conducted by Muhammad Zaheer, the R&D Expert at Unilever who explained the technology of conditioners and how they work on hair to nourish and moisturize them which makes them smoother and healthier.


This was followed by a live demonstration by Sadaf, the talented owner of the Bellagio Salon, who skillfully worked on various models’ hair using the Sunsilk Conditioners to create magnificent before and after looks. An interactive hair talk then took place by a panel of highly experienced hair stylists. Amongst the panel were; Palwasha Yosuf, a freelance stylist who has also styled celebrities for films and commercials, Tehmina Ali, hairstylist and colour technician with over eight years of experience in the hair styling industry, Shazdeh Ali, trained from Toni & Guy London who has worked closely with the Fashion guru Tariq Amin for the last nine years, Nida Khan who has worked with Tariq Amin for 9 years and Sanaa Awan from the Hina Y Salon. These renowned professionals offered hair styling tips and techniques that kept the audience informed and engaged. While everybody was educated about the do’s and don’ts, a series of hair solutions were offered to the audience. The final engaging activity was called Smoothest Hairstyle where the audience styled salon girls who usually style them. This was an interesting experience for the participants since it gave them a chance to express themselves working with some of the best hair experts of the city.


“The event was fun, exciting and informative at the same time. Not only did I enjoy hosting it but was also thoroughly enlightened about the critical use of Conditioners,” said Anoushey Ashraf.

The soiree was an enjoyable evening and was a success according to Rabia, Assistant Brand Manager of Sunsilk who said, “Through this event we tried to create awareness about hair care by informing consumers about how necessary it is to use a good conditioner. Hair is personal and important to everyone and I’m glad everyone had a wonderful time and left armed with increased hair care knowledge.”

About Unilever Pakistan

Unilever Pakistan is a subsidiary of Unilever Plc, which operates in over 100 countries. Established in Pakistan in 1948, the Pakistan business is amongst the country’s largest consumer goods companies. Unilever’s brands such as Lux, Lifebuoy, Lipton, Sunsilk, Surf Excel and Wall’s are known for their consistently high quality & value and are trusted & consumed daily by millions of people across Pakistan. Unilever’s brands strive to create a better future every day for consumers across Pakistan. Lifebuoy reaches out to thousands of children through its hand washing campaign, raising standards of hygiene; Lux promotes film, fashion and music through the iconic Lux Style Awards; Sunsilk partners PFDC in the fashion weeks and Blue Band supports nutrition. As one of Pakistan’s most preferred employers, Unilever directly employs over 2000 people across the country, and indirectly contributes to the employment of many thousands through its nationwide sales and distribution network. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) provides the framework for Unilever’s ambition to double its business whilst reducing its environmental footprint and enhancing its positive social impact. In Pakistan, Unilever is engaged in a number of initiatives to enhance livelihoods, save water, energy, carbon emissions and to cut waste and promote recycling.

For more information about Unilever and its brands: www.unilever.pk

For more information on the USLP: http://www.unilever.pk/sustainable-living/


AIESEC joins hands with Reckitt Benckiser for ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’!

Karachi: AIESEC, a renowned international leadership development organization, recently went into partnership with Reckitt Benckiser (RB), the makers of Dettol, Mortein and Harpic. The two joined hands for the ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ campaigncomprising of various initiatives that aim to create a healthier and cleaner Pakistan. This campaign was launched on 14th August 2017 and since then, it has received immense support and appreciation by key influencers, celebrities and the public.


There’s no denying that the youth of today are the mindful leaders of tomorrow, they have the power to restructure our society in ways that others have previously struggled with. Keeping that in mind, this partnership is a well thought step taken by RB to inspire the youth to own the cause and work towards a Saaf Pakistan. AIESEC Pakistan is an entirely youth-run organization with over 500 members nationally and presence in all the major universities of Pakistan; affiliated with AIESEC globally. Additionally, AIESEC Pakistan carries out more than 800 exchange programs and several community and social projects annually. The organization firmly believes that youth leadership is not a privilege, but a great responsibility to inspire change for a better society and world to live in. With this partnership, RB aims to create maximum awareness amongst the youth about the importance of cleanliness and how it should evolve from within each Pakistani while simultaneously taking action and spreading the message of Hoga Saaf Pakistan as a whole for others to join the cause.

“Through Hoga Saaf Pakistan, RB and AIESEC together, aspire to create mass awareness especially with the youth by embedding Saaf Pakistan as a vision which then can become a reality. The idea is to take action and inspire others to join the cause. Several big initiatives are planned as part of this collaboration which includes but is not restricted to cleanliness drives in different cities, workshops and think tanks across universities to encourage students to come up with sustainable ideas for a Saaf Pakistan and a lot more. These big initiatives will be much more inclusive for the general public to support the cause and pledge their time for a healthier, cleaner Pakistan. Milkay lagayeigne jaan, tau Hoga Saaf Pakistan!” said Fahad Ashraf, Marketing Director of RB Pakistan.

Courtesy : Talking Point PR